On the Ground in Japan

We hear the latest from a journalist who spent the weekend making the trek to the most devastated area and we talk to an air worker about the effort to care for the children left homeless and in many cases, orphaned by the catastrophe.

Today's guest host was Tom Harrington.


It's Tuesday, March 15th.

After skating for the first time in two months, Sidney Crosby said that deliberate shots to the head should be banned from hockey.

Currently, that's just the post-concussion syndrome talking.

This is The Current.

On the Ground in Japan - David McNeill

We started this segment with some voices of survivors from the Miyagi Prefecture, the area hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. Search parties are still combing through the wreckage across north-eastern Japan this morning sifting through a jumbled mess of twisted cars, tangled power lines, broken timber and what remains of tens of thousands of lives.

Thousands of bodies have washed up on shore along the country's northeast coast. And there are more amidst the wreckage. In the Miyagi prefecture the local police chief estimates that 10,000 people are dead in his district alone.

David McNeill was in Tokyo when the earthquake hit. He writes for the British newspaper, The Independent. He has lived in Japan for the last 11 years. And he has just returned from touring the devastated northeast. He wa in Tokyo this morning.

On the Ground in Japan - Ian Woolverton

Ian Woolverton is one of the many aid workers who are now fanning out across Japan's north-east. He's the spokesperson for Save The Children's emergency response team. He was in Sendai, the capital of Miyagi prefecture.

For more information on how you can donate to help with relief in Japan, click here for the CBC News Japan Relief website .

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