Battle on Parliament Hill: Political Panel

Two veteran cabinet ministers stepping down, breaches of privilege, election sabre rattling and polls that put the Conservative Party in striking distance of a majority. We look at at the looming showdown on Parliament Hill.


Battle on Parliament Hill - Political Panel

These are dangerous times on Parliament Hill for the government and the opposition alike. With a budget looming next week, there is widespread speculation the opposition might try to bring down the government. And House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken has added fuel to the fire, with two rulings that took the government to task over breach of procedure and lack of transparency. The opposition is hoping to seize on those rulings.

Add to the mix the announcement on Saturday from two federal cabinet ministers - Treasury Board President Stockwell Day and Transport Minister Chuck Strahl - that they're leaving federal politics. But Prime Minister Stephen Harper is still betting that Canadians don't want an election and might punish the opposition for forcing one.

For their thoughts on what's at stake in this battle and who might prevail, we were joined by three people. Ed Broadbent is a former leader of the federal NDP. He was in London, England. Sheila Copps is a former Liberal MP. She was also Deputy Prime Minister in Jean Chretien's Government. She was in Ottawa. And John Reynolds is a former Progressive Conservative, Reform and Conservative MP. He was also the co-chair of the Conservative Party's campaign in 2006. And he was in Palm Springs, California this morning.

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