Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

With breaking news in Japan on the worst earthquake and tsunami in Japan's history, we get an update from CBC Reporter Craig Dale in Tokyo. And we also hear from a senior seismologist with Natural Resources Canada who is closely watching events unfold in the Pacific.

Today's Friday host was Hana Gartner.


It's Friday, March 11th.

Prime Minister Harper will accept the invitation to attend the Royal Wedding next month.

Currently, William and Kate had "something old, and something new" ...but needed "something boring in Tory blue".

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Japan Earthquake - Craig Dale 

We started this segment with some sound of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake. The quake hit off the north-eastern coast of Japan overnight. Dozens of aftershocks have hit the country since. It is the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japanese history.

The earthquake also triggered a tsunami with waves 10 metres high. Boats, cars and houses are being tossed around like toys. Water has flooded towns, airport runways and ports. And drowned bodies are turning up on the shorelines. Hundreds are reported to have died and that death toll keeps rising.

For the latest from Japan, we reached the CBC's Craig Dale in Tokyo this morning.

Japan Earthquake - Toyko Couple

Sebastien Roberts and Jeannie Larson are a married couple who have lived in Tokyo for six years. He's a freelance writer from Edmonton, and she's an English teacher from Baltimore. Earlier today, they told us what they experienced during the earthquake.

Japan Earthquake - Ken Sasaki

Ken Sasaki is a Japanese-Canadian from Sendai, one of the hardest hit areas. His two brothers live near the epicentre of the earthquake and he was in Toronto.

Japan Earthquake - John Adams

John Adams is a senior seismologist with Natural Resources Canada, and he's watching closely as events unfold in the Pacific. We reached him at his office in Ottawa.

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