International Women's Day: A Special Edition of The Current

100years-banner.JPGBorn of the Suffragette Movement and the struggle for the right to vote, International Women's Day has survived, meandered, waned and flourished. Today it marks its 100th anniversary. And so we created a special edition of The Current to mark it.

Pt 1: Women's Work & the State of Feminism - We convene a group of women to debate what feminism means in 2011 in terms of work. Guests include esteemed physicist and feminist Ursula Franklin and 25-year-old Erin Cardone, a controversial Canadian columnist who says that feminism may have gone too far. (Read More)

Pt 2: Chinese Mothers: Xinran - We talk to Xinran, a Chinese writer who has documented the heart-breaking choices many Chinese women have made because of the country's one-child policy. (Read More)

Pt 3: Women & Political Upheaval - Women have played prominent roles in the protests that are sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa. This has happened before. But in the past, the gains that women thought they were making have largely evaporated. We gather three women who have spent decades trying to change that and ask if this time might be different. (Read More)

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