Libya: Eyewitness

A Libyan-Canadian living in Benghazi describes the events of the past two weeks in Libya and repression under Gadaffi, and he argues that Libyans have rallied around the cause of overthrowing Gadaffi because they all desire democracy, and they've all suffered at the hands of the Gadaffi regime, regardless of their tribal affiliations.

It's Monday March 7th.

The federal government will reportedly spend 10 billion dollars less in 2011 than it did in 2010. 7 billion of that savings is due to the end of the economic action plan.

Currently, this puts an end to the dream of putting a Canadian Action Plan sign in every Canadian home.

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Libya: Eyewitness

As you've been hearing on the news, the fighting in Libya continues in and around a few cities along the coastal highway that links Benghazi and Tripoli. But Libya's opposition is firmly in control of Benghazi from where it is directing its push to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi. And it is in that an eastern port of Benghazi that our guest has been watching all of this. He's a Libyan-Canadian who works in the oil sector. He lives in Benghazi. We have agreed to withhold his name to protect his safety.

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