Letters: Farmland Disputes, Chuckwagons & Sentences

It's mail day. Plus, yesterday we spoke with acclaimed literary critic Stanley Fish about the lost art of the sentence. Today, we pay homage to the sentence with your favourites.



It's Thursday, which means mail day here at The Current. And our Friday host, Piya Chattopadhyay joined Anna Maria in studio to read your letters.

Farmland Dispute: Earlier this week, we looked at Wolfville, Nova Scotia, where a handful of farms are wedged in between the outskirts of the town and the neighbouring hamlet of Greenwich. As urban sprawl advances, squeezing this strip of farmland, five farmers have applied to rezone their land for development. On Monday's program, we heard from one of those farmers, Peter Elderkin. And that application has divided the community. And, judging from the mail we got, it's an issue that divides our listeners as well.

This story is a familiar one for Steve Martin. He's a co-owner of Martin's Family Fruit Farm, outside Waterloo, Ontario. And this morning, he was in our Toronto studio.

Requiem for a Sentence: Yesterday on The Current, American literary scholar Stanley Fish talked about his love of sentences and how a great sentence is much like a great sporting feat. And from the mail we received about that interview, he's clearly not the only one out there who loves a good sentence. Many of you wrote in with your favourites. We shared some of those sentences on air.

Chuckwagon Rules: The chuckwagon races are always a popular event at the Calgary Stampede. But last year, four horses died in connection with the races. So last week, the Stampede announced new rules in an effort to make the event safer for both horses and riders. A key change is a reduction in the number of outriders from four to two. Outriders, if you didn't already know, are the cowboys and horses that ride alongside the chuckwagon. After hearing this segment, some of you were prompted to write in with your thoughts on these new changes.

We always love hearing from you. Send us your letters for next week's letters segment. Here's how to contact us.

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