Libya Evacuation

We look at the efforts to evacuate Canadians from Libya in the wake of the mounting violence there. Guest host, Piya Chattopadhyay talks to a Canadian who made it out earlier this week.

Today's guest host was Piya Chattopadhyay.


It's Friday February 25th.

Treasury Board President Stockwell Day says allowing senior public servants to expense iPads to the taxpayers is the right decision because the tablet computers save money on paper and printing in the long run.

Currently, according to my calculations, the iPads will have paid for themselves by (Mumbled: divide by 5.5, carry the three, and here we go)... never.

This is The Current.

Libya Evacuation - Rod Chubbs

We started this segment with a clip from with what Rod Chubbs heard when he called up the Canadian Embassy in Tripoli. The Newfoundland man was working in Libya when the country's decent into chaos began. He managed to get himself out of Libya on his own earlier this week. He's now back home in Deer Lake, Newfoundland where we reached him.

We requested an interview with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development, which is organizing the evacuation of Canadians from Libya. We were told no one was available to speak with us this morning.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon who was in Rome said the Canadian government is doing its best given the circumstances. We aired a clip.

Libya Evacuation - Ziad Ramadan

Ziad Ramadan's family hasn't been quite as fortunate as Rod Chubbs. His wife and 18-month-old daughter were visiting family in Libya when the protests broke out in Benghazi. He has been trying to get them out ever since. Ziad Ramadan was in Edmonton.

Libya Evacuation -

Richard Belliveau spent 40 years as a Canadian diplomat. He retired in 2006, shortly after he helped coordinate the mass evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon ... the largest evacuation in Canadian history. Richard Belliveau was in Ottawa.

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