Breaking the Ice (Doc)

We're off to Greenland where Inuit are facing some difficult decisions about their future ... decisions that could have implications for their land, their standard of living, their cultural well-being and the future of Inuit all over the Arctic. 


Breaking the Ice - Marie Wadden

Inuit leaders from Alaska, Greenland, Russia and Canada are in Ottawa today. They are holding an emergency summit to talk about the rapid developments taking place in the Arctic. Major oil companies are searching for oil and gas off the shores of Greenland and Alaska. And a warming Arctic is presenting opportunities to southerners that make many Inuit uneasy. At the Ottawa summit, the premier of Greenland, Kupik Kleist, will be the man of the hour. That's because he is taking a pro-development stance.

The CBC's Marie Wadden went to Greenland and spoke with the premier, and others, about what's happening. She prepared a documentary called Breaking the Ice. Marie joined Anna Maria in studio from St. John's.

This Day in History - Satire

On this day in 1903, Cuba leases Guantanamo Bay to the United States in perpetuity.

108 years later, Cuba now requires at least 2 references before leasing.

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