TransCanada Pipeline

A proposed pipeline project is drumming up fears in the United States and adding fuel to the controversy... a new report into the hazards of transporting bitumen.


TransCanada Pipeline - David Daniel

We started this segment with a clip from Kim Brunet when she witnessed from her home in Beardmore on Saturday night a natural gas pipeline explosion that lit up the Northern Ontario sky. No one was hurt but an investigation is underway - into what went awry with the TransCanada pipeline.

It will be unwanted attention for TransCanada... The Canadian giant is currently lobbying Washington for a special presidential permit... the go-ahead for the Keystone XL pipeline. It's an expansion project which would add nearly thirty-two-hundred kilometres of pipeline and it would mean bitumen from the Oilsands could be pumped from Hardisty, Alberta all the way down to the Texas Gulf coast, where it would be upgraded, refined and shipped around the world.

The pipeline would go right through David Daniel's property. He is a carpenter in Winnsboro, Texas.

TransCanada Pipeline - Susan Casey-Lefkowitz

Now we did request an interview with someone from TransCanada Pipeline - to respond to concerns from residents like David Daniel but we have been unable to arrange one. We will continue to try - because there are American opponents all along the proposed pipeline route including local politicians and even a Texas musician named, Eddie Radillo. We heard from him.

Now, critics - both musical and otherwise - of TranCanada's pipeline have found fresh inspiration from a new report from the Natural Resource Defence Council. Susan Casey-Lefkowitz is one of the authors of the report, Tar Sands Pipeline Safety Risks. She joined us from Washington, D. C.

TransCanada Pipeline - Brenda Kenny

To get a sense of how the Natural Resources Defense Council report is going over with the industry in this Country, we were joined by Brenda Kenny. She is the President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association. Its members transmit 97 per cent of Canada's crude oil and natural gas through Canada and the United States. We reached her in Kauai, Hawaii.

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