Philosophy of Love

It's Valentine's day. What better time than now for people who have terrible love lives to reflect on the romantic lives of the some of the great philosophers? Their love lives also stank.


Philosophy of Love

We started off this item by hearing some of Martin Heidegger's version of pillow talk. Ah, the sweet - philosophical - nothings of love. Those were the mushy sentiments of German Philosopher Martin Heidegger. It's said that those words used to get him into the beds of a lot of his students. But it's unclear if he ever found his true "Other." According to Andrew Shaffer, Martin Heidegger wasn't the only famous philosopher whose love life was something less than a praxis of delight. Andrew Shaffer is the author of a new book called, Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love. He was in Concorde, New Hampshire.


On January 7th, 2010, under an increasing amount of stress, Remy Beauregard returned home from a fractious board meeting. Sometime that night, he died in his sleep of a heart attack. Tomorrow on The Current, Fifth Estate Co-host Gillian Findlay will bring us a documentary called, Remy's Wake. The documentary will explore allegations of impropriety, character assassinations, ideological interference and fiscal malfeasance which continue to dog Rights and Democracy to this day. We'll hear from former board members, the current chair of the Rights and Democracy Board and -- for the first time since Remy Beauregard's death -- his widow Suzanne Trepanier. We left you with a preview.

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