Theo Fleury Guest Hosts - A Special Edition of The Current


Theo Fleury joined us as our Friday Host this week for a special edition of The Current. In parts two and three of the show we take a look at the epidemic of concussions in hockey and the changing demographics of Canadian hockey.


Concussions - Brad Madigan

Robin Green is a neuroscientist at Toronto Rehab. And the type of head trauma she was describing, Brad Madigan has lived through more than once. Brad is 19. And he was a goalie at the Midget Double A level until concussions took him out of the game. He joined Theo in Toronto.

Concussions - Paul Echlin

Dr. Echlin is a sports physician in London, Ontario. He's worked as a team doctor for the London Knights and the Plymouth Whalers -- both Junior A hockey teams. He is also the author of a groundbreaking study on concussions in junior hockey. And earlier this week, he and Doctor Charles Tator were named the two most influential Canadians in the world of sport, for their work on concussions. Dr. Paul Echlin joined Theo in Toronto.


As part of our SHIFT series, we are taking a look at the changing demographics of players in one of Canada's most popular sports - Hockey.

Bob Nicholson

We think of hockey as our national game. But the numbers tell us that fewer Canadian kids are playing hockey ... especially boys. Friday February 12th is Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada here at the CBC. And as part of The Current's project Shift, we're going to look at how our relationship with hockey is evolving as our demographics evolve. We began this portion of the show with Bob Nicholson. He is the President of Hockey Canada. And he was in Calgary.

Naheed Nenshi

Theo says that the best years of his NHL career were with the Calgary Flames. He won a Stanley Cup there in 1989. And Calgary is still his home. Naheed Nenshi is the city's new mayor. He's the first Muslim mayor of a major Canadian city - a city with a rich hockey heritage. Mayor Nenshi joined Theo in Toronto this morning.

Harnaryan Singh

Ed Wahl is the President of the Scarborough Hockey Association. He has talked about the declining numbers of kids playing hockey in Scarborough - something he connected with the large numbers of new Canadians living there. But, Ed also sees immigrants as a way of growing the game.

Harnaryan Singh knows very well how first-generation Canadians can fall in love with hockey. He's a commentator with Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi. And he was in Calgary.

Ron Maclean

Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada is a CBC tradition that celebrates Canada's relationship with the game. It's coming from Whitehorse this year. Ron Maclean is the host of Hockey Night in Canada and Hockey Day in Canada. He was at the CBC headquarters in Whitehorse.

Ron Maclean is the host of Hockey Night in Canada. He was in Whitehorse.

Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada starts tomorrow at noon, Eastern Time. It will run all day, live from Whitehorse on CBC Television.


We left you with one last thought about our relationship with hockey. Dave Bidini is a musician, a writer and a major hockey fan. He'll be performing with his new group, Bidiniband, at the CBC's Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada celebrations in Whitehorse tomorrow. And he has a slightly different take on the question of hockey and Canadian identity. Dave Bidini got the last word this morning.

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