Women's Rights in Egypt

Women are playing a significant role in organizing the protests in Egypt. And some believe this could result in a major cultural shift that will increase women's rights. We hear from The Current's Heba Aly who is in Cairo and has been talking to some of the women involved in the protests. And we also speak to the Director of Women's Studies at Purdue University who has done extensive research on the role of women in revolutions.


It's Thursday, February 10th.

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This is The Current.

Women in Egypt - Heba Aly

We started this segment with a clip from Fatemah Khafagy. She's a women's rights consultant in Egypt and a board member of the Alliance for Arab Women. And she's describing the prominent role that women have played in the protests in Egypt. Some people believe that because of that role, the protests could be re-shaping Egypt's gender relations and social landscape, as well as its politics.

The Current's Heba Aly is in Cairo. And she has been talking to a number of women to find out how they see things.

Women in Egypt - Valentine Moghadam

Valentine Moghadam might be able to shed some light on what lies ahead for the women of Egypt. She's the Director of Women's Studies at Purdue University. And she's done extensive research on the role of women in revolutions - and what happens to them afterward. Valentine Moghadam joined us from West Lafayette, Indiana, this morning.

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