Nudity Challenge

The owner of a nude resort in Barrie, Ontario is hoping to lift an 80-year-old prohibition against public nudity. This naturist says the ban impedes a perfectly harmless form of self-expression. Others don't agree. We also heard from a historian about how social norms about nudity have evolved over the years.


Nudity Challenge - Reporter

Later this morning, Clayton Ruby is going to head into a courtroom in Barrie, Ontario and argue that you should be allowed to do exactly that... walk down the street naked if you want to. Mr. Ruby is one of Canada's high-profile defense lawyers. And he'll be making the case that the parts of the Criminal Code that makes public nudity illegal are unconstitutional. The man he's defending is Brian Coldin. Brian Coldin is charged with three counts of being nude in a public place ... and two counts of being nude and exposed to public view while on private property. The incidents are alleged to have happened between 2008 and 2009 on and around a resort that he operates near Bracebridge, in Ontario's cottage country. Matthew Sitler has been following this story from the beginning. He's a reporter and a news anchor with Moose FM in Bracebridge. Good morning!

Nudity Challenge - Mayor

For a sense of what the people who live in Bracebridge think of this, we're were joined by the town's Mayor, Graydon Smith.

Nudity Challenge - Lawyer

As I mentioned earlier, Clayton Ruby is the lawyer who is defending Brian Coldin. He was in Toronto.

Nudity Challenge - Historian

For a sense of how our social norms about nudity have evolved over the years, we're were joined by Philip Carr-Gomm. He's the author of, A Brief History of Nakedness: Nudity in Religion, Politics and Popular Culture. He was in Sussex, England.


We gave the last word this morning to Ike Cruise. He's 100 years old -- one of the 100 centenarians we're hoping to hear from this season. He's a retired carpenter in Imperial, a small town in Central Saskatchewan. And he agreed to sit down with the CBC's Sean Prpick to reflect on his life.

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