Harper Five Years Later

Stephen Harper begins his sixth year as Prime Minister today. We took a look at his past five years in office.

It's Monday, January 24th.

Stephen Harper celebrated his fifth anniversary as Prime Minister yesterday.

Currently, He is singling out three people for special thanks ... Paul Martin, Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff.

This is The Current.


Harper - Panel

This morning, Stephen Harper begins his sixth year as Prime Minister. He has held power with a minority government for longer than any other Prime Minister. Sunday of this week, he marked the fifth anniversary of his first election win with this assessment of his record since January 23, 2006

For their thoughts on what Prime Minister Harper has accomplished over the last five years and the impact he has had on the country, we're joined by three people. Brooke Jeffrey is a professor of political science at Concordia University. She's also the author of, Hard Right Turn. And she was in Ottawa. Bob Plamondon is the author of, Blue Thunder: The Truth about Conservatives from Macdonald to Harper. He was in Ottawa as well. And Gerry Nicholls is a political consultant. He's also the author of Loyal to the Core: Harper, Me and the NCC. He was in Toronto.

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