Feature Interview with Peter Bergen

We talk to the National Security Analyst for CNN journalist, Peter Bergen, about his new book The Longest War: America and al Qaeda since 9/11.


That's U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking two years ago this week at his inauguration. He is the third American President to confront the threat posed Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. And as the American-led War On Terror enters its tenth year, there's a good chance he won't be the last. Peter Bergen was covering the rise of Al Qaeda long before the twin towers fell. In 1997, he produced one of the only interviews with Osama bin Laden. He's the National Security Analyst for CNN, and a fellow at the New America Foundation. His new book is The Longest War: America and al Qaeda since 9/11. Peter Bergen was in Washington.


We left you with a preview of Monday's program. Anecdotally, there are a lot of Canadians choosing to go to Mexico for their dental work. The costs are lower. And some of them say the quality is about the same. But others argue they're putting themselves in danger.

Ron Edwards lives in Drayton Valley, Alberta. Three years ago, he was visiting family in Texas. And he walked across the border to Matamoros to get some work done. He gets the last word.

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