China's Demographic Changes

china-banner.jpg As part of our demographics project SHIFT, we devoted the entire show exploring the sweeping demographic changes happening inside China and the consequences that come with them.

Pt 1: China's One Child Policy - The country's ambitious one-child policy is three decades old. And as the first generation born under this rule comes of age some Chinese demographers say its time to re-think this massive social experiment. The one-child model has effectively slowed China's population growth, but now experts say the country is heading towards a baby bust. China's working population is forecasted to start declining by 2015 and officials worry about a generation of coddled children having to support a rapidly aging population. (Read More)

Pt 2: China's Gender Gap - Every year, there are significantly more boys born in China than girls. And according to some demographers, that could have serious consequences for social cohesion. (Read More)

Pt 3: China's Annual Migration
- We are two weeks away from the Chinese New Year and the largest annual human migration on the planet. Nearly 1.5 million Chinese have migrated to cities in search of work. And the trip home for the holidays isn't going to be easy. (Read More)

*(AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)
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