Mental Health Special - Steven Page

As part of a CBC national project called Live Right Now focused on getting our nation healthier, The Current devoted an entire program to take an in-depth look at our mental health. It is often a taboo topic but it's an important discussion to have.

And our guest host, Steven Page feels the same  way. He has had his own own struggles with mental illness battling depression and manic episodes.

Listen to Steven Page talk about his depression with Anna Maria Tremonti:

Pt 1: Youth Mental Health - As many as 20 per cent of Canadian Children, Teens and Young Adults suffer from mental illness. And a lot of them aren't getting the help they need. We talk to a young teen diagnosed with major depression and anxiety and a doctor who is working on a national mental health strategy for children and youth. (Read More)

Pt 2: Mark Vonnegut - Writer Kurt Vonnegut used to talk about "bad chemicals" when he talked about his depression. He coined that phrase after his son Mark had the first of four major psychotic breaks. Mark Vonnegut is now a highly regarded pediatrician and the author of a new memoir about his battle with bipolar disorder. (Read More)

Pt 3: Creativity & Mental Illness - There have been plenty of artists who exhibited signs of mental illness over the years. Vincent Van Gogh, Sylvia Plath, Janis Joplin. But despite the archetype of the mad artist, the connection between creativity and mental health is very much up for debate. (Read More)

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