Goggle's new laptop is ditching CAPS LOCK and creating a controversy. And if you haven't already, you will soon be asked to pick which side you're on. Are you in favour or opposed to the CAPS LOCK key?


It's Friday, December 31st.

People around the world are preparing their New Year's resolutions.

Currently, and thanks to Wiklileaks, here they are, starting with the As: (fading) Aaron Adelman wants to stop smoking, George Adams wants to lose ten pounds.. Gail Allen wants to eat better... Mahmoud Ali wants to learn Spanish... Margaret Aylsworth wants to finish her PhD....

(over the list) This is The Current.


We started this segment with a rant from The Current's Shannon Higgins. And if you too like to shout while you type, you may want to hang on to your keyboard. That's because Google's newest laptop has deleted the CAPS LOCK button ... the go-to button for anyone who likes to share their on-line opinions loudly and forcefully.

The move is making waves in tech circles. Chris Beam says it's a great idea and one that deserves to be copied. He's a reporter with Slate Magazine and he was in New York City. And Mignon Fogarty is better known as Grammar Girl. She writes about grammar and how to improve your writing. She joined us from Reno, Nevada.

And to cap off this part of the program, we heard from CBC reporter Derek Stoffel with what he has to say about the value of the CAPS LOCK button.

Let us know what side you are on in the CAPS LOCK debate, contact us.

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