Letters: Being Single, God & Sex and Medical Marijuana

It's mail day. We find out what you've had to say about staying single, sex in the Bible and medical marijuana. Plus, we have an update on a story we first brought you in October about a 15-month-old girl named Chloe and her quest for Canadian citizenship.



Today is mail day. The Current's Kristin Nelson joined David Michael Lamb in studio to help with the mail.

Single File: Last week on the Current we heard Tina and Kim Pittaway's documentary Single File about more and more Canadians choosing to stay single. Tina and Kim Pittaway's documentary about the single life prompted a lot of you to write in. We shared some of those letters.

Medical Marijuana: Last week we talked about getting access to Medical Marijuana in Canada. We heard from Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett and from Mick Mann, talking about using medical marijuana for his spinal arthritis. Well a lot of your had opinions on this topic and wrote in with your thoughts.

We also heard from Dr. Shahram Emami who is a Toronto physician and feels our program did not represent the opinion of the greater majority of physicians on this subject. So Dr. Shahram Emami joined us in studio to share his perspective.

God & Sex: On Monday we heard from Michael Coogan, about his new book God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says. Well not surprisingly that had a lot of you writing in.

Chloe Goldring Update: Well before we leave you today we have an update for you about a story we brought you back in October. Ian Goldring is a Canadian citizen living abroad. But because of changes to Canada's Citizenship Act, he was unable to pass on his citizenship to his 15-month-old daughter, Chloe. As a result, she had no official nationality and was unable to travel anywhere. We aired some of what Ian Goldring told us back in October.

This morning we have an update on this story this morning. Chloe Goldring has now received her Canadian Citizenship. Ian Goldring joined us from Brussels to tell us about it.

Gays in the Military: Earlier this week Stephen Puddicomb brought us the story of Darly Woods... a woman who was drummed out of the armed forces because she was a lesbian. We had just enough time to share a couple letters on this story.

If you have anything to add to what you hear on The Current, write or call us.

Last Word - Ivory Coast Reggae

We ended the program this morning with one more note on a story we covered earlier this month ... one that continues to play out now. On November 28th, Alassane Ouattara was declared the winner of the Presidential election in The Ivory Coast. But the current President -- Laurent Gbagbo -- has refused to accept the results. Gbagbo says he is the rightful President even though the international community and the country's Electoral Commission say otherwise.

Tiken Jah Fakoly is a well-known reggae musician from the Ivory Coast. He has been outspoken in his criticism of Laurent Gbagbo. And he took a break while he was preparing for a concert in Senegal to gave us his thoughts on the situation. He got the last word today.

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