Just in time to help out with New Year's resolutions to stop putting things off, you'll meet a professor from the University of Alberta who believes he has discovered a cure for procrastination.


David Michael Lamb was our guest host today.

It's Tuesday, December 28th.

A disgruntled hockey fan who threw waffles on the ice at a Toronto Maple Leaf's game has been banned from the arena.

Currently, it's worth noting that most of those waffles got past the Leafs' goalie.

This is The Current.


With the New Year almost upon us, I'm betting many of you are thinking about... getting around to thinking about... resolutions. Lets face it - as a species we are the great procrastinators. But don't sink into a funk just yet... all is not lost. Piers Steel claims to have found a way to put off - procrastination. The University of Calgary professor is a leading expert on the science of procrastination. And he has just published a book, called, The Procrastination Equation. It daringly promises readers a "how to" guide to stop procrastinating. Piers Steel joined us from Calgary.

We also brought someone else into the conversation. Mark White teaches philosophy at the College of Staten Island in New York City. He's the co-editor of, The Thief of Time, a new collection of philosophical essays on procrastination. He was at his home in snowy New Jersey.

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