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Comedy writer Jane Bussmann tells the story of how her trip to Uganda to meet a guy for a date went awry and led her to investigate the brutal Lord's Resistance Army.


We started off the segment with a clip from a BBC interview with Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. The infamously cruel Kony, has been indicted by the International Criminal court for murder, rape and enslavement. But he has never been brought to trial. His army is largely made up of kids who have been kidnapped and turned into killers. He's definitely not the kind of guy you would expect to appear in the work of a comedy writer.

But strangely enough, Jane Bussmann has done a lot of thinking about Kony and what his reign off terror means. In 2005, she travelled from Hollywood to Uganda on a bizarre search for both - her new crush, a peace worker... and Kony. And she writes about her journey in her new book, The Worst Date Ever: Or How it Took a Comedy Writer to Expose Africa's Secret War. She was in New York.


Coming up on tomorrow's edition of The Current, guest host David Michael Lamb will talk to Laurie David - probably best known for producing the Academy Award-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Laurie David is now focussed on what she sees as another kind of truth: the importance of the family dinner. Armed with statistics, stories, and some simple ingredients... she has written a new book called, The Family Dinner: Great Ways to Connect With Your Kids, One Meal at a Time. Today, we gave Laurie David the last word about why the family meal is so key and what she remembers about her own childhood family dinners.

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