Ice Woes

Airline passengers sleep in Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow Airport on Sunday. (Luke MacGregor/Reuters) Read More

Thousands of passengers are stranded in airports across western Europe. Snow and ice continue to ground planes. And according to some in the industry, that coincides with the want of a better way to de-ice planes.


Ice Woes - Jason Snowdon

At Frankfurt International Airport, it has come to this. With more than a thousand passengers stranded by a brutal blizzard, officials have sent in the clowns ... hoping to entertain people -- especially children -- who are not amused by the long wait. As you've been hearing in the news ... across western Europe, thousands of passengers have been stranded -- some for days -- by snow and frigid conditions. Thousands of flights have been grounded.

And at Heathrow Airport in London, England the delays are expected to run through the week and even past Christmas. We aired a clip from stranded airline passenger Nikki Daniels.

Jason Snowdon lives in London. He is among those trying to get out of Heathrow today. He and his family are trying to get to Montreal in time for Christmas.

Ice Woes - Kelvin Williamson

Apparently the most recent snowfall accumulation at Heathrow Airport is about 5cm. Britain's transport secretary has admitted to the government that the "step change" as he calls it in weather might justify more winter equipment.

Across Western Europe, the biggest problem seems to be having the equipment to cope with winter. There is ice on the runways and on the planes and de-icing each of them can be complicated.

Kelvin Williamson is a former pilot, as well as a former check pilot and de-icing inspector with Transport Canada. He's now the President of Basic Solutions North America, a company that supplies de-icers and anti-icers to airports and airlines. He was in our Toronto studio.

Ice Woes - Wagdi Habashi

Getting planes safely into the air without ice is one thing. Keeping ice off the planes while in flight is another. And it`s a big enough concern that regulators are expected to announce new safety measures aimed at keeping planes ice free... early in the new year.

Wagdi Habashi is the Director of the Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD Lab at McGill University in Montreal. His colleagues call him De-Ice Man. We reached him in Cairo, Egypt.

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Last Word - Single File

We ended the program today with a preview of something from tomorrow's program ... a documentary by Kim and Tina Pittaway, called The Single File. The 2006 census revealed that for the first time, single people over the age of 15 out-numbered married people. So Kim and Tina set out to examine -- and where necessary debunk -- the myths about living single.

The Pittaway sisters got the last word this morning. 

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