Welfare Rules

Welfare is supposed to be a safety net ... an emergency backstop to keep people from sliding into destitution. But according to a new study, it's getting harder to qualify for welfare unless you're already destitute.


Welfare Rules - Cheryl White

This week, the National Council of Welfare released a report that paints a stark picture of life on welfare in Canada. The council is an independent advisory body to the Federal Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.

In its report, it says that rules requiring people to drain their savings in order to qualify for welfare are forcing people into destitution. Cheryl White knows that experience all too well. She was in Windsor, Ontario.

Welfare Rules

John Rook is the Chair of the National Council of Welfare which released the report on Welfare Incomes for 2009. He was in Calgary. Niels Veldhuis is a Senior Economist with the Fraser Institute. He was in Vancouver.

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