Letters: Wikileaks, breast-feeding, Haiti

It's mail day and we find out what you've had to say about everything from Wikileaks' Julian Assange's arrest to breast-feeding your baby. Producer Jen Moroz sat down with Anna Maria to go through your comments.


Thursday is mail day. And one of our producers, Jen Moroz joined Anna Maria in studio for a look at your letters.

Wikileaks: The fallout from the Wikileaks story seems to be ever-widening. Wikileaks has been head-lining the news for almost two weeks now, with a steady flow of secret US government documents. Its founder, Julian Assange remains in a British jail, due to alleged sex crimes in Sweden. And yesterday, Wikileaks retaliated with assaults on several websites including Mastercard ... which terminated its relationship with Wikileaks on Tuesday.

Breast-feeding: The benefits of breast-feeding are well documented. And a new initiative on Facebook is changing how new moms go about ensuring their children have access to breast milk. A group called Eats on Feets connects mothers who produce more milk than they need ... with other moms who can't produce enough for their babies. Monday on The Current, we weighed the pros and cons of the idea.

Breast milk sharing got us wondering: what ever happened to the wet nurse - where an infant nurses from a woman who is not her mom. Robert Feinstock is the founder of Certified Household Staffing, a business that provides wet nurses for families in the United States, Canada and Australia. We spoke to him in Los Angeles.

Alberta Healthcare: Raj Sherman is an emergency room doctor and a member of the Alberta legislature. He was elected as a Conservative. But he was kicked out of caucus after saying that his trust in Premier Ed Stelmach had been "severely tarnished" over the issue.
 Raj Sherman sits as an independent now. And last Thursday, he told us that he wouldn't back down from saying what he believed about the state of Health Care in Alberta.

Haiti: On Tuesday, we broadcast a special edition of The Current, with the CBC's David Gutnick co-hosting from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Housing remains one of the top concerns in the country, where approximately one million people still require homes. David examined different solutions to the housing crisis .... everything from the traditional North American home with gyprock walls ... to straw bale houses. Martin Hammer is a California-based architect. He is volunteering with Builders Without Borders in Haiti.

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