Robert Croke & Gayle Croke (cont'd)

December 8, 2010

We continue our conversation with Robert and Gayle Croke. We find out what happened when the Nigerian government did bomb the camp ... How Robert Croke was eventually rescued ... And why -- despite everything he has been through -- he can still empathize with his kidnappers.


Robert Croke & Gayle Croke (cont'd)

We continued our conversation with Robert Croke and his wife Gayle at their home in Torbay, Newfoundland.

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Ken Saro Wiwa

The fight to secure the benefits from oil reserves has been a long struggle for the people of Nigeria especially those living in the south. Ken Saro Wiwa was one of the best-known activists on this issue.

We aired an excerpt from part of one of the last interviews he gave, before he was executed by the military government that ruled Nigeria at the time. That was in November of 1995 ... 15 years ago last month. We aired an excerpt.

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