Breast Milk Sharing Online

A new Facebook initiative makes it possible for moms who can't produce enough breast-milk to find moms who produce more than they can use. But Health Canada and the Canadian Paediatric Association have serious concerns about the safety of sharing breast milk online.


Breast Milk Sharing - Emma Kwasnica/Sharon Unger

We started this segment with a clip from a mom named Kim Parent. Like many mothers, Kim wanted her baby to grow up on breast milk. But, like many mothers, she couldn't produce enough milk. And because, Kim couldn't produce enough milk to feed Ruby... she turned to a new Facebook group called Eats on Feets. It connects mothers who produce more milk than they need with those who can't produce enough. And that's how Kim met Michelle. We aired a clip.

Eats on Feets was launched on Facebook early last month. By the end of the month, Health Canada had issued a statement that warned of the dangers of sharing unprocessed human milk. And in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has also urged parents not to use breast milk from unscreened mothers. The FDA is meeting later today to talk about breast milk donations and banking. But Kim Parent -- the mom who couldn't produce enough milk for her daughter -- says she feels confident about her arrangement.

Emma Kwasnica is a mother of three and the founder of the Eats on Feets, the Facebook group that Michelle O'Connor and Kim Parent used to find each other. Emma Kwasnica was in Montreal. And Sharon Unger is also a mother of three and a paediatrician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. She's the principal author of the Canadian Paediatric Society's response to informal breast milk sharing. She was in Washington this morning, where she'll be attending a U.S. Food and Drug Administration meeting about human milk donations and banking.

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Last Word - Haiti Special Promo

And we ended the show today with a preview of tomorrow's program. The results of the election in Haiti are expected tomorrow. And the CBC's David Gutnick will co-hosting a special edition of The Current from Haiti. We'll hear from people who tried -- sometimes successfully -- to cast their ballots ... people who are still living in tent cities nearly 11 months after the earthquake ... and people who are trying desperately to avoid the cholera outbreak that has plagued the country.

We'll also hear from a ten-month-old boy who was born just after the earthquake. David Gutnick was there when he was born last January. The mother's name is Francesca. And she was so taken with David Gutnick's concern for her ... she named her baby after him. Well, David is back in Haiti and we ended the program this morning with the moment David Gutnick -- along with his fixer and driver Carla B. -- met baby David.


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