Dec 2/10 - Pt 3: Letters

It's mail day. We hear your thoughts about sex addictions and shame ... keeping kids in school with carrots and sticks ... and Arianna Huffington's take on the American dream.



Thursday is mail day. And our Friday host, Linden MacIntyre joined Anna Maria in our studio to help with the mail today.

Sex Addiction: Last Thursday, we waded into the debate about whether people can truly become addicted to sex. And we heard from someone for whom there is no doubt. We agreed to call him "John" and to disguise his voice in order to protect his identity.

And John isn't alone. We heard from several listeners who have struggled with similar compulsions. We shared some of those letters ... some letters speaking to shame and sex being associated as well as if it matters if someone's interest in sex is labeled as an addiction.

It is something Michael Bader has thought a lot about. He's a clinical psychologist, a psychoanalyst, and the author of Male Sexuality: Why Women Don't Understand It - and Men Don't Either. He was in San Francisco.

Truancy: According to Statistics Canada, the number of high school dropouts in Canada has been cut in half over the last decade. But still, 8.5 percent of Canadian high school students don't graduate.

In Manitoba, almost 11.5 percent of the population doesn't get a high school degree. And officials hope to change that with a proposed new law. Currently, it's illegal for students under the age of 16 to be out of school.

And parents of truant students can be fined up to 500 dollars. Under the proposed new legislation, the truancy age would be raised to 18 and fines could be raised to 1,000 dollars.

Mike Babinsky is a trustee with the Winnipeg School Division for fifteen years. Last Friday on the program, he shared his doubts about the proposal.

This subject certainly struck a chord with a lot of listeners - especially educators.

We also discussed other ways education officials are trying to keep kids in school. The Toronto District School Board, for example, is studying the idea of paying low-income children if they come to school and get good grades. Using a carrot instead of a stick, so to speak. But David Cobos has a very different approach. He's a judge in Midland, Texas. And he sometimes orders students to wear a GPS anklet ... the kind used to track parolees. Judge Cobos was in Midland, Texas.

Arianna Huffington: Arianna Huffington is of course, the founder of The Huffington Post, one of the most widely-read political blogs out there. She is also a prolific author. And her most recent book is called Third World America: How Our Politicians are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying The American Dream. We shared some of our response to our interview with Ms. Huffington.

We always love hearing from you, so contact us with your thoughts on the program. 

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