Dec 1/10 - Pt 2: Breakfast Cereal

You might have grown up on breakfast cereal. But there's a good chance that your kids won't. We look at what the declining cereal market tells us about our priorities, our lifestyles and what we think of as healthy.


Breakfast Cereal - Talk Tape

We started this segment with a montage of vintage cereal commercials ... a childhood soundtrack to The Current's producer, Kathleen Goldhar. She joined Anna Maria in studio to talk about the declining sales in the cereal industry and how these days cereal is no longer a staple breakfast in the morning.

We ended this segment with some thoughts on cereal and international trading regulations courtesy of David Jacobson, the U.S. Ambassador to Canada ... a man who knows his Cheerios.

Link: Examining the Nutrional Quality of Breakfast Cereals Marketed to Children (PDF)

Music Bridge

Artist: The Dears
Cd: Gang of Losers
Cut: #9, Whites Only Party
Label: Maple Music
Spine: MRCD 6459


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