Nov 30/10 - Pt 1: WikiLeaks

It is all in a memo from a US official characterizing information from former CSIS director Jim Judd. Could this now be a problem for the Canadian government? Or an opportunity to underscore an ambitious agenda?


It's Tuesday, November 30th.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says WikiLeaks will not affect Canada's relationship with the United States.

Currently, the US will remain committed to patronizing Canada... while Canada is to maintain current levels of passive aggression towards the US.

This is The Current.

Wikileaks - Terry Milewski

About two-and-a-half years ago that Jim Judd, then the Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, had a private meeting with a senior official at the US State Department. That meeting is not so private anymore ... A secret document, describing the discussions is among the hundreds of thousands released by WikiLeaks. It describes Jim Judd deriding Canadian courts and sharing dismissive disparaging descriptions of how Canadians view the world.

This of course is just one of hundreds of thousands of confidential documents released by WikiLeaks this week... something that had already set off a diplomatic crisis for the US but yesterday it came home to Canada.

To tell us about this particular State Department cable, we were joined by Terry Milewski, CBC New's Senior Correspondent in Ottawa.

WikiLeaks - Amir Attaran

Amir Attaran is a law professor at the University of Ottawa. And he says this document is a damning indictment of CSIS and its leadership. Amir Attaran was in Sacramento, California.

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WikiLeaks - Ron Atkey

Ron Atkey has a different view of what this document says about CSIS. He is the former Chair of SIRC, the Security Intelligence Review Committee, the body that oversees CSIS. He now teaches security law at the University of Western Ontario. He was in Toronto.

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