Nov 29/10 - Pt 1: Haiti Election


(Photo by David Gutnick)

Haitians went to the polls yesterday. Or at least those Haitians who weren't too preoccupied with saving their families from cholera or still struggling to re-build their lives in the wake of the earthquake that devastated the country last January. 

The CBC's David Gutnick is in Haiti. He gives us the latest on the election results, the wide spread allegations of fraud, and tells us more about the chaos, confusion and intimidation.


It's Monday November 29th.

British Newspapers are reporting that some invitations for the Royal Wedding will be distributed to the public using a lottery.

Currently, the lottery has already been won by a convenience store owner in Hamilton, Ontario.

This is The Current.

Haiti Elections - David Gutnick

Chaos and confusion were the clear winners in Haiti's Presidential elections yesterday. All but one of the major presidential candidates called for Sunday's vote to be voided, amid widespread allegations of fraud and reports of voters being turned away because of confusion over voter lists or a lack of actual ballets.

The CBC's David Gutnick was in Port Au Prince this morning.

David Gutnick will be back on December 7th co-hosting The Current with Anna Maria for a full program special on Haiti. He returns to a devastated neighbourhood he first visited in the days after January's earthquake. He'll check in on a family who - like thousands of others - have little hope of moving from their hastily constructed tent into a more permanent home. And The Current then takes a look at some of the ambitious housing plans from Canada and around the world aiming to put a rooves over the heads of the hundreds of thousands of Haitians still in need.

CBC's Photo Gallery: Haiti's Presidential Candiates: Signs & Slogans

Haiti Elections - Laurent Dubois

For many Haitians, the idea of venting frustration at the ballot box was an appealing one. But the impact of their vote remains to be seen. For his sense of what this election means for the future of the country, we were joined by Laurent Dubois. He's the co-Director of the Haiti Labratory at Duke University. He's also the author of Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution. He was in Durham, North Carolina.

Laurent Dubois is currently finishing a book called Haiti: The Aftershocks of History. It will be published next year.

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