Nov 23/10 - Pt 1: CPP Panel (Part 2)

We continues our discussion from yesterday on the future of the Canada Pension Plan by talking with Canadians who are currently retired or planning for their retirement. We ask how important is the CPP to them and what reforms do they see as necessary?


It's Tuesday, November 23rd.

The head of the TSA in the United States admits that airport security "pat downs" can be unexpectedly intrusive, invasive and uncomfortable.

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This is The Current.

CPP Panel - (Part Two)

Yesterday as part of our Shift project, we looked at the state of the Canada Pension Plan ... the concerns about its future and the options to shore it up in the face of a dominant, aging demographic. We asked for your thoughts about your retirement and we got an earful. We aired a clip from Connie Harris of Salmon Arm, BC on our feedback line. .

We continue the conversation about the future of the CPP this morning with three Canadians at varying stages of planning or managing their retirements. Stan Nykiel is a 77-year-old pensioner, and the outgoing Vice-President of the Coalition Of Seniors Advocates Association. He was in Calgary. Pat Wilson is a 67-year-old retired university librarian from Burlington, Ontario. She was in Toronto. And Tim Stobbs is a 32-year-old engineer in Regina. He runs a blog called Canadian Dream: Free at 45. It's about his plan to retire when he's 45. And Diane McCurdy is a certified financial planner in Vancouver and the author of How Much Is Enough?

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