Nov 22/10 - Pt 3: Boomerang Generation

The number of 20-somethings living with their parents has doubled over the last couple of decades. And not everyone involved is happy about it. We consider the consequences of the Boomerang Generation.


Boomerang Generation - Documentary

This morning, our demographic project Shift focuses on an emerging generation of emerging adults ... twenty-somethings who are becoming known as The Boomerangers. They throw themselves into the world and before you know they're back living in the basement.

It is the most recent census data show that the number of people aged 25-29 living at home has doubled in the last couple of decades, more men return home than women, and about one half of young adults between 20 and 29 are still living at home in newfoundland, labrador and ontario...compared to about one in three in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Suzanne Dufresne is The Current's Manitoba producer and she joined Anna Maria in studio from Winnipeg. Her documentary is called Bouncing Back.

Last Word - Google Wind

We ended the program today with a preview of our program tomorrow . Google's next big project is a long way from internet browsers and smart phones. It's called The Atlantic Wind Corridor ... a proposed network of transmission lines that would connect wind turbines all over the American north-east. It would be enough to carry 6,000 megawatts of electricity enough to power two million homes. The project could cost as much as 5 Billion dollars.

Tomorrow on the program, you can hear our conversation with Richard Needham. He's Google's Director of Green Business Operations. And he got the last word today.

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