Nov 12/10 - Pt 3: In Utero Experience

It has been nearly 13 years since the ice storm that devastated Quebec and eastern Ontario. And now new research suggests the experience shaped not only the people who lived through it but the children some of them were carrying at the time.


In Utero Experience - Suzanne King

On January 5th, 1998 three separate weather systems combined to coat eastern Ontario, most of Quebec and a chunk of coastal Maine in a thick layer of ice. The ice continued to fall for five days, killing 30 people and leaving 30 million without power.

The storm drove nearly a hundred thousand people from their homes, and drove tens of thousands into temporary shelters. But nearly 13 years later, new research suggests that the impact on one group -- a group of people that weren't even born when the ice storm happened -- has yet to be taken into account.

Suzanne King is the head of McGill University's Project Ice Storm. She was in Montreal.

In Utero Experience - Annie Murphy Paul

And Suzanne King is not the only one looking at how our lives are shaped by experiences in the womb. Annie Murphy Paul is a science journalist. She has documented the rapid growth in the science of prenatal influences. And she turned it into a bestseller called Origins: How The Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives. Annie Murphy Paul was in New Haven, Connecticut.

Last Word - Gay Soldiers Promo

We ended the program this week with a preview of something the CBC's Stephen Puddicombe is working on for Monday's program. There has been a heated debate over the U.S. military's Don't-ask, Don't-tell policy towards gay soldiers. But Canada has its own history with this issue.

Until 1992, that was our policy too. So people such as Darl Wood -- a Canadian soldier who was outed and then kicked out of the Canadian Forces -- had to live in fear. She's one of the people that Stephen talked to about this issue. And she got the last word this morning ... recalling the moment that her superiors confronted her about her sexuality.


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