Nov 04/10 - Pt 1: Cargo Security

The discovery of two parcel bombs on a cargo plane bound for the United States has prompted governments all over the world, including Canada, to reassess their air cargo security systems. We talk to Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, who says there are still significant holes in Canada's aviation security including problems with cargo shipping.


It's Thursday, November 4th.

BC's Premier Gordon Campbell announced his resignation. Currently, anyone know what the HST is on spending more time with your family?

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Cargo Security - Colin Kenny

We started this segment with a clip from Rafi Sela. He's an Israeli aviation security consultant. He has advised the Canadian Government. And he says that Canada has some catching up to do when it comes screening cargo packages.

That's an important point. The parcel bombs that were intercepted on their way from Yemen to the United States last week ... they were in cargo planes. But according to the Federal Government, as much as 75 per cent of commercial air cargo is carried in the bellies of passenger planes ... right underneath where you are sitting. And according to Rafi Sela, there are a lot of holes in the cargo screening process.

Rafi Sela isn't the only one concerned about Canada's air cargo security system. Colin Kenny is a Liberal Senator. He's the former Chair of the Senate National Security and Defence Committee. And he has spent much of the last decade scrutinizing Canada's aviation security. Colin Kenney was in Ottawa.

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Cargo Security - Ruth Snowden

Securing cargo means securing a long chain from the point of origin to the point of destination. There are warehouses, shipping containers, trucks and planes to take into consideration. And there are the people who come into contact with the cargo at each step in its journey. Freight forwarders are the companies responsible for ensuring cargo gets from point A to point B. So they are an important link in that chain.

Ruth Snowden is the Executive Director of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association. She was in our Toronto studio.

Cargo Security - Chuck Strahl

In May, the federal government unveiled a five-year, 96-million-dollar plan to improve cargo security. Chuck Strahl is Canada's Transportation Minister. He was in Ottawa.

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