Oct 20/10 - Pt 1: G-20 Bail Conditions

Alex Hundert is accused of helping organize the violent protests at the G-20 Summit in Toronto in June. He was arrested at the protests, released on bail and then arrested again for breaching his bail conditions. Alex Hundert is not permitted to participate in or help plan a demonstration. And he may not speak to the media. We speak to Alex Hundert's brother to find out more.


It's Wednesday, October 20th.

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G-20 Bail Conditions

We started this segment with a clip from Alex Hundert speaking at a panel discussion at Ryerson University last month. He was talking about the fallout from the G-20 meeting in Toronto last summer. And that was the last time he spoke publicly.

At the time, he was facing three counts of conspiracy and accused of being a ring-leader in some of the violent protests that surrounded the G-20 meetings. He was free on 100,000 dollars bail. And he had agreed to strict bail conditions, including one that forbade him from taking part in a public demonstration.

Immediately after the panel discussion, Alex Hundert was arrested. The crown attorney saw that discussion as a public demonstration and his participation as a breech of his bail conditions. Alex Hundert is out on bail again now. But this time, the conditions are even more strict. He's not permitted to attend a public event that expresses a view on a political issue. And he's not permitted to talk to the media. It's that last condition that troubles Alex Hundert's family the most. Jonah Hundert is Alex Hundert's brother. He was in our Toronto studio.

We requested an interview with Chris Bentley, Ontario's Attorney General. We received this statement:

The Attorney General is not available to comment on this case, which remains before the courts. In addition, the bail proceedings are subject to a publication ban. The Ministry can say that bail decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration public safety and the nature of the offenses the accused faces. In all cases, the court independently considers submissions made by defense and crown counsel in determining the appropriate bail conditions to be imposed.

G-20 Bail Conditions - Panel

The bail conditions imposed on Alex Hundert have sparked a fierce debate. Some lawyers say they are draconian. Others say they are a perfectly reasonable application of the court's powers.

James Morton is the former President of the Ontario Bar Association and a Professor with the Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. And Peter Rosenthal is a defence lawyer with Roach, Schwartz and Associates, as well as a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto.

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