Oct 19/10 - Pt 1: Profiling Colonel Williams

Colonel Russell Williams has pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, as well as two counts of sexual assault and 82 break-ins and attempted break-ins. We ask what his case says about the value of efforts to profile serial violent criminals and the challenges of doing it.


It's Tuesday, October 19th.

Deputy Liberal Leader Ralph Goodale accused Finance Minister Jim Flaherty of financial mismanagement and being incapable of getting Canada's deficit under control.

Currently, he hasn't issued such a stinging rebuke since the Liberals refused to defeat the last Conservative budget.

This is The Current.

Profiling Colonel Williams

*** Warning: The discussion of Colonel Williams' crimes may be disturbing to some ***

We started this segment with a clip from George White, a neighbour of Colonel Russell Williams. Yesterday, Williams pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree murder, as well as two counts of sexual assault and 82 break-ins and attempted break-ins.

This morning, we know a lot more about the depravity involved in Colonel Williams' crimes as he escalated from break-and-enters and stealing women's underwear to sexual assault and murder. As you heard, the people who lived beside him are re-evaluating the man they thought they knew. And to many who study serial killers and other violent criminals, Colonel Williams is proving equally difficult to figure out.

Glenn Woods is a retired RCMP Superintendent and psychological profiler. He headed up the RCMP's Behavioural Sciences Division and he was in Ottawa. And Elliott Leyton is a Professor Emeritus of Forensic Anthropology at Memorial University. He was in Paradise ... just outside of St. John's.

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