Sept 22/10 - Pt 1: Immigration Indignation

With an Angus Reid poll showing more Canadians opposed to immigration, Rob Ford's popularity, and a new government proposal for stricter measures against "mass asylum" seekers, we shine a light on Canadians' anxiety around immigration. Is this a shift from our traditional perception of Canadians as tolerant, welcoming people?


It's Wednesday, September 22nd.

The Federal Government's advertising budget was 130 million dollars last year. A new record.

Currently, the extra money was used to effectively communicate the Federal Government's deficit. Also a record.

This is The Current.

Immigration Indignation - Dan Murray

We started this segment with a clip from Rob Ford. In the race to become Toronto's next mayor, he is the candidate with a head-and-shoulders lead in the polls. Now, those numbers he mentioned aren't quite right. The million immigrants expected over the next ten years, will be spread out across the cities of the Greater Toronto Area. But those concerns about Toronto's ability to absorb new immigrants are finding a receptive audience.

According to a new poll by Angus Reid, 46 per cent of Canadians now believe immigration has a negative effect on Canada. That's up five percentage points from August of 2009. People in Alberta and Ontario feel that negative view of immigration more strongly, their numbers jump another 10 percentage points.

Dan Murray thinks this reflects a shift in how Canadians feel about immigration. And he says that's a good thing. Dan Murray is a retired teacher and the founder of Immigration Watch Canada. He was in Vancouver.

Immigration Indignation - Anver Saloojee

According to Anver Saloojee, anti-immigrant sentiment has a long history in Canada ... one that ebbs and flows over time. He's a professor of politics, immigration and public administration at Ryerson University. He was in our Toronto studio. 

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