August 23, 2010

Pt 1: Potash Corporation - Potash is to Saskatchewan what cars and steel are to Ontario. What hydroelectric power is to Quebec. What oil is to Alberta. So people in Saskatchewan care about potash deeply. And when a multinational mining giant called BHP Billiton launches a hostile takeover ... they get nervous. (Read More)

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Pt 2: Embedded with the Taliban - Meet a Norwegian cameraman who embedded himself with the Taliban and witnessed the war in Afghanistan from the other side. (Read More)

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Today's guest host was Nancy Wilson.

It's Monday August 23rd.

The government of North Korea is now using Twitter to get its message out.

Currently, Here's its first message. "if u r reading this, go 2 jail".

This is The Current.

Potash - Roy Romanow

We started this segment with some voices from Allan, Saskatchewan, a town that depends heavily on a local mine owned by the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan.

The Corporation began its life as a private company. It was nationalized in 1975 under the NDP Government of Allan Blakeney. Then it was privatized again in 1989, under the Conservative Government of Grant Devine. The company has been a powerful force in Saskatchewan's economy in all of its incarnations. And it has generated substantial revenue for the provincial government.

But now, some worry that the prospect of a foreign takeover by Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton could put that in jeopardy. Roy Romanow is among them. He was part of the government that nationalized the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. He's also the former Premier of Saskatchewan and teaches in the Political Studies Department at the University of Saskatchewan. He was in Saskatoon.

Potash - Peter Phillips

Others say there could be long-term benefits if BHP Billiton did take over the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. Peter Phillips is a Professor in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Saskatchewan. And he says the headlines about a foreign takeover don't tell the whole story. He was in Saskatoon this morning.

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Embedded with the Taliban

We started this segment with a recording of a Taliban war song. It was captured by Paul Refsdal. He's a Norwegian cameraman who got an extremely rare, first-hand look at the war in Afghanistan from the other side. He managed to embed himself with a group of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. He has produced a documentary about his experiences. It's called Taliban: Behind the Masks. He was in Oslo.

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