April 23, 2010

Pt 1: Coyotes - Nova Scotia is putting a bounty on coyotes, in an effort to control the population. Some say it's about time because the coyotes are encroaching on neighbourhoods and becoming aggressive. But critics say the bounties don't work and that the problem has as much to do with suburban sprawl. (Read More)

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Pt 2: 1984 to 2010 - As part of our Work In Progress series, we look at the brave new world of cutting edge workplace technology. Including ID badges that can measure your posture, the tone of your voice ... even your level of trust in your colleagues. (Read More)

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Pt 3: Raymond McCartney - Thirty years ago, Raymond McCartney was an IRA activist who was at war with the local police. As of last week, he's helping run the police in Northern Ireland. Lots of people find that transition implausible ... or even unwelcome. But he sees a continuum. (Read More)

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Whole Show Blow-by-Blow

Today's guest host was Gillian Findlay.

It's Friday, April 23rd.

The U.S. Treasury is introducing new security features for the American 100-dollar-bill, including a hologram of the Liberty Bell and a security ribbon made of thousands of tiny magnifying lenses.

Currently, It's also invisible to derivatives traders.

This is The Current.

Coyotes - John MacDonell

We started this segment with a sound the Nova Scotia Government hopes to be hearing a lot less of soon ... a coyote howling.

Yesterday, the province's Natural Resources Minister John MacDonell announced a plan to cull the province's coyote population. The concern about coyotes grabbed national attention last fall when Taylor Mitchell, a singer and musician from Toronto, was killed by coyotes while she was hiking in Cape Breton.

And this spring, the fears are being further stoked by stories like the one from Sue Sinclair in South Maitland, Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia Government is offering trappers 20-dollars per coyote pelt as part of a plan to cut down on the coyote population.

John MacDonell is Nova Scotia's Natural Resources Minister and he was in our Halifax studio.

Coyotoes - Bob Bancroft

Jason Herschfeld lives in Goldenville, Nova Scotia. And he supports the idea of a cull ... especially after this little encounter.

But according to Bob Bancroft, simply culling coyotes isn't necessarily going to right the situation. He's a wildlife biologist. And he lives in Pomquet, a small community outside of Antigonish in eastern Nova Scotia, where we reached him this morning.



1984 TO 2010 - Documentary

Pity the modern manager in a big corporation. It's just too hard to keep track of scores, hundreds, or in some cases thousands of employees. And it's not just keeping track. It's designing and implementing work practices that are efficient and effective.

Fortunately, new technologies may hold the answer to the manager's dilemma. Tina Pittaway has been investigating those technologies. And she joined us as part of our on-going series, Work In Progress. Tina Pittaway's documentary is called 1984 to 2010.


Raymond McCartney

We started this segment with a clip of a scene in what they call the "Bogside" of Derry in Northern Ireland on January 30th, 1972. British soldiers opened fire on a group of Catholic civil rights protesters. Twenty seven people were shot. Fourteen died. And what came to be known as Bloody Sunday kicked off three decades of civil war.

Last week, 38 years after Bloody Sunday and 12 years after the signing of the Good Friday peace agreement, Northern Ireland finally regained control of its policing and justice... powers transferred from London to Belfast. And part of that control has fallen into some unlikely hands.

Raymond McCartney is a former IRA member and hunger striker. He spent 17 years in prison for murder, including a stint in the infamous H Block of the Maze Prison. He was eventually cleared of the murder charges and released from prison. Today he is a Sinn Fein member of Northern Ireland's legislative assembly and is the Deputy-Chair of Northern Ireland's new Justice and Policing Committee. Raymond McCartney was in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Last Word - Video Promo

We've just finished posting the second installment of the Video Edition of The Current on our website. You can watch Anna Maria's interview with writer Andrew Potter about how our quest for authenticity can lead us astray.

And you can watch our panel discussion about the rewards and pitfalls of growing old while caring for your even older parents.

And remember, this is a pilot project. Every Friday, for four weeks, we'll post a new installment of The Video Edition of The Current. Please let us know what you think. Any feedback from our listeners is greatly appreciated.


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