Listener Feedback: Lulu App

A story we aired on Friday threw Twitter into a frenzy and flooded our inbox with listeners' thoughts. It was about a smartphone app called Lulu. Lulu allows women to rate their dates. If they're thinking of going out with a particular man, they can see how much he's impressed, or depressed, other women.

Someone who goes by the handle Foil & Fusion tweeted:

"At best, this is termed as "gossip". We all know how gossip can damage & sometimes kill."

And Museums and Me had this to say:

"The fact that Lulu is even being discussed is amazing! Guys put photos of women all over the net, and we do nothing."

Matthew Bergeron sees it differently:

"If men came up with an app like lulu it would be considered misogynistic."

On email, Sue from Ottawa writes:

"Many years ago while in university,I was seduced into a relationship with someone who was extremely charming at first, but literally, before I knew what hit me, I was in the middle of a highly abusive relationship that left me reeling and nearly destroyed my self-worth.
Lulu is a dream come true for women who have been abused, but who are left without a way to help prevent others from experiencing this type of nightmare."

And Diana Lundine makes this point:

"Where will the potential for online awfulness end? The rate-my-date is idea is just plain crass. All this anonymous online criticism is for shallow cowards. Be a man! Be a woman! Sign your name. Decorum. Respect. Decency. These are the things we need Apps for."

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