Carolyn Abraham: Solving family mysteries with DNA


Growing up, Carolyn Abraham got used to people asking her, 'What are you?' As the child of a very mixed family with roots on at least three continents, she didn't know quite what to say. Now, modern genetics has given her answers and revealed a few family secrets along the way.

TheCaptain_Image2.jpgWhen it comes to ancestry, most people are satisfied with photo albums and family lore. But for those who want more, there's science. The microscopic code written into a single sample of DNA can connect you with a relative on a distant shore. Or, as Carolyn Abraham will tell you, it can unlock family secrets. 

Armed with DNA testing kits, she criss-crossed the globe, using genetics to trace her family tree. She wrote about her journey in her new book "The Juggler's Children: A Journey Into Family, Legend and the Genes that Bind Us."

This segment was produced by The Current's Vanessa Greco

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* Photo Caption: Frederick William Crooks Sr., also known as the Captain. He's one of the enigmatic relatives author Carolyn Abraham longed to know more about when she used genetic testing to map her family roots. * 
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