'Born of War' wins Amnesty Intl. Media Award


The Current is proud to be recognized by Amnesty International Canada for last night's win in the Video/Audio award category for 'Born of War'.

Returning to Bosnia-Herzegovina twenty years after the war began, Anna Maria Tremonti traces the lives of two mothers whose children are the legacy of days when rape was used as a weapon of war.

Congratulations to all involved - Anna Maria Tremonti, Lara O'Brien, Joan Webber, Pam Bertrand & Sabina Niksic.

'Born of War' originally aired in April 2012. * A warning: the subject of this documentary is not suitable for young listeners. *

All the winners at the Amnesty International Canada Media Awards

amnesty intl all winers feature.jpgPhoto: Danilo Ursini
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