Calgary Centre by-election heats up


Two months ago, Joan Crockatt looked like the closest thing Canada had to a political sure-thing. She had just won the Conservative nomination for the federal by-election in Calgary Centre, one of the safest Conservative seats in the country. The riding has been held by a Conservative of one stripe or another since its creation more than 40 years ago. But this time, Joan Crockatt has a real fight on her hands.

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Calgary Centre by-election heats up - Duane Bratt

To help us understand how this came to be, we're joined by Duane Bratt. He teaches Political Science at Mount Royal University and he was with me here in Calgary.

Calgary Centre by-election heats up - Panel

Chris Turner is running for the Green Party. Dan Meades for the New Democrats and Harvey Locke for the Liberal Party. We invited Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt to join us but she was unable to do so. We also offered that she could be represented by anyone else on her campaign team but they haven't made anyone available.

 Also running in the Calgary Centre by-election are Libertarian Tony Prashad, and Antoni Grochowski as an independent. There will also be by-elections Monday in Victoria and the Durham riding in Oshawa.

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