US Elections & turning around the economy


Americans may not agree on the best course to turn their economy around -- but at least the Republican and Democratic parties offer voters different routes. We hear some of those ideas and ask how well they're likely to work.

Former Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman

Meet Oscar Goodman. He's a lawyer, a businessman and the former Mayor of Las Vegas. . And he's sort of a legend in the city. He represented a number of high profile clients in the Mob....and if you saw Martin Scorcese's Casino he was actually in it playing himself. So when our producer, Josh Bloch was in Las Vegas, he met up outside his steakhouse. It's called Oscars' Beef Booze Broads.

This segment was produced by The Current's Josh Bloch.

US Election: Swing States - Panel

Well, Nevada is not the only U.S. state still in play with just a day to go. Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New Hampshire all appear to be up for grabs. So are Ohio and Virginia.

To see how the campaigns battle for the support of those states, we were joined by Edna Brown. She is a Democratic Ohio state Senator. We reached her in Toledo. And by Jeff Ryer, Press Secretary for the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus. And he was in Williamsburg, Virginia.

And if you missed the interview with Tom Wolfe Friday on The Current, it's worth going to our website to listen or download the podcast. Mr. Wolfe was speaking with our guest host Jonathan Goldstein about the election and his new novel Back to Blood.

This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal.

Last Word - 10th Anniversary Special & Numbered Doc Promo

Coming up two weeks from today, we're hosting a special show, celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Current. We'll be broadcasting live before a studio audience that morning from the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto. We're planning some surprises and special guests -- and we'll have ticket details for you this week.

Tomorrow on The Current we'll bring you the story of an unsettling act of remembrance, Auschwitz number tattoos. Our producer Ellen Saenger had today's Last Word.

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