The Fiscal Cliff and Canada

Year in Review: Political Panel

The End of Baby Boxes

Saskatchewan's 1962 Medicare Strike

Shin Dong-hyuk: Escape from Camp 14

Protests in India in response to gang rape

Heads in Beds: Jacob Tomsky

10th Anniversary Interview: Jean Chrétien

The Contender: Documentary Repeat

A Kosher Christmas: Rabbi Joshua Plaut

Leonardo and The Last Supper: Ross King

Auschwitz Artist: Dina Babbit (Repeat)

Checking-In: Listener Response

Idle No More gains momentum across Canada

The end of organized labour?

Gun Rights or Gun Control?

Regulating access to Medical Marijuana

Senator Doug Finley on politics and cancer

Fighting words over F-35 Fighter Jets

Checking-In: Listener Response

UN declares contraception as a human right

Hugh Brody: From Nunavut to Kalahari

Pranks, Hoaxes & Jokes: How far is too far?

Regulating health care in private clinics

Egypt Divided

Frank Stronach, Magna Man

Exclusion of women in ground combat roles

Chimpanzees, the midlife crisis and us

Checking-In: Listener Response

Child Custody for Rapists

Centrist Israelis Search for A Way Forward

Covering Suicide in the Media

The NFL and Domestic Violence

The Free To Be You and Me Movement

Bill C-398: Generic AIDS drugs defeated

Checking-In: Listener Response

Can we live with a nuclear-armed Iran?

Calgary Centre by-election heats up

Physiology of Black Friday

Rebel takeover of Goma, DR of Congo

Checking-In: Listener Response

Living Under Rockets: Israel & Gaza Conflict

Gay Panic as a Legal Defence

Watch our 10th Anniversary Show!

Celebrating 10 years of The Current

Launching a War on Twitter

Checking-In: Listener Response

Jacques Duchesneau on ending Quebec Corruption

Chrystia Freeland: Plutocrats

Face Transplant Doctor, Daniel Borsuk

Trail Blazer Journalist Zubeida Mustafa

LW: Conrad Black Reading

Checking-In: Listener Response

US Election Results Panel

Denis Goldberg on the State of the ANC

Montreal's Mayor Resigns

Numbered: Auschwitz Tattoos

U.S. Election & Masculinity

Living in Vegas Tunnels

Las Vegas Construction Industry

The U.S. & Us: Selling Change

The U.S. & Us: Jonathan Goldstein

The U.S. & Us: Back to Blood - Tom Wolfe

Sandy's impact on the US Election

Malala Yousafzai Update & Checking-In

Hurricane Sandy & Socioeconomic Status

Improving Aboriginal Education

The BBC & Jimmy Savile Scandal

Tracking Hurricane Sandy

Honouring Mama Hawa

Canada-China Agreement (FIPA)

Can men and women be "just friends"?

Tyler Hamilton on cycling and cheating

Jerusalem: A Cookbook

Checking-In: Listener Response

Ira Glass on Storytelling

Winnipeg Police Chief: Devon Clunis

The Wreckage of Flight 402

The Victory Lab: Sasha Issenberg

VOTE: Debate Resolution

Are the US Presidential Debates broken?

Cuban Missile Crisis Witnesses

Counting the polar bears of Baffin Bay

Checking-In: Listener Response

Prescribing ADHD medication to children

Action against schoolyard & cyber bullying

The Energy of Slaves: Andrew Nikiforuk

Malala Yousafzai Shooting & Checking - In

Arsenic found in rice Canadians eat

Lisa Genova: Love Anthony

Sorry: What makes an apology worthy?

Are long maternity leaves a good idea?

Free Trade Agreement 25th Anniversary

Listener Response: Checking - In

Voices for Sale or Rent: Election Ads

Fighting for India's Landless

From the Archives: Omar Khadr's Story

Omar Khadr is back in Canada

Proposal for a Queer-Centric High School

Dreaded Stink Bug found in Ontario

Northern Gateway Pipeline: B.C. Mayors Panel

Legalizing Pot in parts of the US and Canada

Checking-In: Listener Response

Margaret Wente: Plagiarism Allegations

My Leaky Body: Julie Devaney

The death of Corporal Stuart Langridge

UK/Canadian Embassy Mash-up

From the Ruins of Empire: Pankaj Mishra

David Crist: The Twilight War

Uganda cracks down on gay play

Facebook reveals organ donor tool online

Portraying Nina Simone in a new biopic

Free Speech vs. Religious Sanctity

Dual Diagnosis: The Long Way Home

Checking-In: Listener Response

Three Parent In-vitro Fertilization

Jane Goodall on Environmental Ethics

Obama & the Arab World

China's economy teeters, Canada cringes

Sufi Shrines Under Attack in Libya

NHL Lockout: Facing Hockey Addiction

Failing Infrastructure: How bad is it?

Former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed dies

Introducing Muslim Superhero Simon Baz

The Reality of Honey Boo Boo

Checking-In: Listener Response

Canada's New Chief of Defence Faces Bumpy Road

South African Miners Demand Higher Wages

Ending diplomatic ties with Iran

Steroid use amongst Ontario police officers

What Money Can't Buy: Michael Sandel

Is Rob Ford still fit to hold office?

Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan

Dissecting the Quebec PQ Rally Shooting

Becoming Victoria: Argentina's Dirty War

The Rhetoric of Obama

Checking - In

Quebec Votes: The Victory & The Violence

Training Afghan Forces

Experimental Drugs for Terminal Patients

Thalidomide Revisited

Robert Semrau: The Taliban Don't Wave

The Quebec Election and the NDP

Jean Chrétien's Last Stand

Last Word: The Voice's Finale

Kurt Vonnegut: A Life Well Lived

Escape From North Korea

The Current's First Episode Airs

Building from Betrayal

Nabbed in Nigeria

Auschwitz Artist

Mother of a Murderer

Henry Kissinger on War Crimes

Tales of Torture

Inside the SARS Outbreak

Farewell to The Voice

10 Year Anniversary: Robert Croke update

Mental Incompetence at Work

Prescription Drug Shortages

Who's Profiting from the Food Crisis?

The Invisible Girl: Documentary Repeat

Togo Sex Strikes & Checking-In

The Anthropocene: Documentary Repeat

Disenchanted Teachers Back to School

Tarnished: Documentary Repeat

Sovereignty in the Quebec Election

The Hand of Fate: Documentary Repeat

2012 GOP Convention

The Interpreter: Documentary Repeat

Food Labelling Lawsuits

Julian Assange & Diplomatic Immunity

Michael Bryant: 28 Seconds

Vancouver Considers Anti-Odour By-Law

Will Syria's War Spill into Lebanon?

Secret Revelations About Dieppe

Charter of Secularism

Offshore Bank Accounts

El Salvador Gang Truce

Iran in Syria: The Alliance

Pussy Riot Punk Band Trial Update

An Apology for the Doukhobors

Sikh Hate Crimes

Emergency Aid to Syria

The Ethics of Losing to Win

A Shelf Life - Documentary Repeat

How The Current Got Its Name

India's Massive Power Outage

After the Storm - Documentary Repeat

Ending HIV/AIDS: Julio Montaner

Jason Dorland: Losing in Sport

The Contender - Blue Badges Documentary

Haiti Gold Rush

Media Coverage of Gun Violence

Corn Instability

Olympic Copyright Crackdown

Laws and Mores (Doc Repeat)

Egypt's First Lady, Naglaa Ali Mahmoud

Toronto Block Party Shooting Aftermath

The Art of War (Doc Repeat)

Bahrain Tweet Arrest

Iranian Embassy: Call to Close

The Paralysing Night (Doc Repeat)

Jewish Internment Camps in Canada

The State of Canada's Voting System

Born of War (Repeat Doc)

Banking on Iran

Chris Hedges: Days of Destruction

The Curse of the Axe

International Kissing Day

Bei Bei Shuai

The Legacy of Bev Oda

Barclays Banking Scandal

Motherhood Interrupted (Documentary)

From the Embers (Documentary)

Obamacare Decision Debate

Emergency Preparedness in Canada

Makoon and the Purpose of Wildlife Rehab

Elliot Lake Disaster Rescue

Saudi Arabia and the Free Syrian Army

Pandora's Box: Episode 5

Out of The Blue: Episode 6

Accidental Game Changers: Episode 7

Love In The Internet Age: Episode 9

Laws and Mores: Episode 10

Food Truck Politics

Clemency for Bashar al Assad?

Alberta-Ottawa Rift

Turning away during humanitarian crisis


Memories of Hosni Mubarak

Google Transparency Report

Kalamazoo Oil Spill

Winner Takes All: Dambisa Moyo

Rio + 20 Earth Summit

Tarnished: Documentary

Commemorating the War of 1812

International Arms Sales and Syria

Saudi Women Barred from Olympics

CJF Excellence in Journalism Award

Bob Rae Bows Out: Feature Interview

Ethics of Revealing the Fetal Genome

The Crowded Omnibus Budget Bill

Fiona Sampson: 160 Girls

Economic Crisis in Spain

Feature Interview with Dan Rather

Plastic Bag Rights

Regulating Animal Testing

Israel Asylum Seekers

Checking - In

Gauging the fallout of Euro 2012

The Science of Gaydar

Jockey Mario Gutierrez


The Interpreter (Documentary)

Tiananmen Square Apology

Casserole Protests

Outlawing Weight Discrimination

The lethal new drug, Bath Salts

Gender-based sports commentary

G-20 Protester: Byron Sonne

Unpaid Internships

Climbing Mount Everest Safely

419: Nigerian e-mail scams

Egypt Votes

Unworthy Creature: Aruna Papp

Checking - In

Quebec Protest Resolution: Mediators

Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes

Digesting Diamonds

Ottawa Sex Exhibit Controversy

Changes to the fair-trade movement

Quebec Protest Vote

Cold Case: Confession to Murder

Snakehead Fish Invasion

Checking - In

Facebook Defamation Case

Simon Fraser University Men's Centre

Public trading of Facebook shares

Escape from Camp 14 (Part Two)

Post-Poned Pardon

Scrap Metal Theft

Motherhood & Feminism

Checking - In

National Mental Health Strategy

Green Evangelists

Warrior Nation: Noah Richler

Inuit Leader: Mary Simon

Whither the Eurozone

Picasso's Women

Checking - In

Execution Reporter: Michael Graczyk

Changes to the Fisheries Act

Philosopher King: Charles Taylor

Alberta Highway 63

Staking claims in Space

Young Quebec Student Strikes

The Kingston Pen and Prison Tourism

Checking - In

Liberia '77

Environmental Emergency Cuts

The remarkable legal career of Kim Motley

Post-Alberta Election

Is it the end of seal hunting in Nfld?

Saving our cities from cars

Gulf Fish Deformities

Fertility Sex Selection Services

4/20 - Canada's Cannabis Culture

Documentary: The Art of War

Checking - In

Unwanted Acquitted Rwandans

Is Dr. Jim Yong Kim right for the job?

Sponsoring for the London 2012 Olympics

Granito: How To Nail A Dictator

Antibiotics in Livestock

Alberta Premier Alison Redford

Thursday's Checking - In

A Thousand Farewells: Nahlah Ayed

F-35 Fighter Jets

The heritage of Timbuktu in jeopardy

Police Strip Searches

The Fat Years: Chan Koonchung

The Glorious Art of Peace

CBC Cuts: Kirstine Stewart

Thursday's Checking - In

Saskatchewan's Dry Strip Clubs

Remy's Wake

Liza Mundy: The Richer Sex

Environmental Assessment Changes

Budget Dissection

Innovation and the Budget

Jousting Revival

Online hoax ends in teen death

Thursday's Checking - In

Participatory Budget

How math equations changed the world

Canadian veterans privacy violation

Math equations that changed the world

Commercial Surrogacy in India

Prerequisites for Beauty Pageants

India Drug Patent

Paul Wells: The Harper Decade

New NDP leader, new way forward ?

Justice for Trayvon Martin

SNAP vs The Roman Catholic Church


NDP Leadership Convention Strategy

Thursday's Checking - In

Primate Scientist Jane Goodall

Graham James Case: Greg Gilhooly

How civilians are using drones

The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg

Predator Drones

Predator drones as Game Changers

Environmental Activist: Vandana Shiva

Death Penalty Debate

Bringing Up Bebe

Vandana Shiva (Feature Interview)

Thursday's Checking - In

Climate Scientist: Michael Mann

Interviews with NDP Leader Contenders

Drug Supply Shortages in Canada

NDP Leadership Hopeful, Martin Singh

Climate Activist, Michael Mann

Cyber Warfare: The Electric Fog of War

Cyber Warfare: The Stuxnet Virus

Afghan Civilian Slayings

Miguel Quintana on Fukushima

Nuclear Power After Fukushima

The Republican Female Vote

Inuit Identity (Documentary)

Thursday's Checking-In

NDP Leadership Contender: Niki Ashton

The Winter that Wasn't: Bird Migration

Eating Food on the Subway

Sex-Change Treatment for Kids

Elections Canada under scrutiny

Saving Face: Dr. Mohammad Jawad

Investigating Robo-Calling

Re-Evaluating Mandatory Minimums

Thursday's Checking-In

Robo-Call Scandal - Will it Stick?

The Hand of Fate: Dr. Sarah Jones

The Hand of Fate (Documentary)

Domesticating Wild Animals

NDP Leadership Hopeful: Peggy Nash

Mormons baptizing Holocaust victims

NDP Leadership Hopeful: Paul Dewar

OxyContin off the market

Friends of Syria meeting

Thursday's Checking-In

European Union on Oil Sands

NDP Leadership Contender: Brian Topp

Doubting Personal Debt

Oil Sands vs. Coal

Ding, Dong ... Avon Calling

Unemployed Youth in Europe

Left Behind (Documentary)

Avon Calling: Game Changer


The Power of Introverts

Whither Campus Activism

Prison Fire in Honduras

Thursday's Checking - In

Time Banking - Prosperity without Cash

Cyber Surveillance Bill

Abortion and Conservative Caucus

How the internet changed the dating game

The Science of Online Dating

An Exploration of Dating Online

Ovarian Cancer Research: Game Changer

Where to Sell Alberta Oil

Ovarian Cancer Game Changer

Hobbled Cities

Panda Diplomacy

Old tribal tensions in South Sudan

Latest Census confirms Ontario's decline

Thursday's Checking-In

The Boy with the Past (Documentary)

Regulating Trans Fats

Policing the Mentally Ill

Dr. Agus with a cure to end illness

Damien Hirst - Spot Art

Mass Hysteria in Upstate New York

Organ Trafficking in Kosovo

Voter Registration Rules

Old Age Security Changes

Thursday's Check-In

Sleep Paralysis

Syria's Untold Story

Challenges ahead for the Arctic Council

Shafia Verdict

Opposition Research

James Palmer - Game Changer

Privatizing Water

Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Whither National Parks

Game Changer for Chile - Ricardo Largos

CIDA Partnerships

Chile's Game Changer - Ricardo Lagos


Mexican Holiday Horror

Haredi Tensions

Regulating Body Modification

The Future of Research in Motion

Mystery Disease in Central America

Greek Debt & Hedge Funds Gaming the System

Colbert for President

Aboriginal Education Continued

The day the web won against SOPA/PIPA

The Trouble with Renting - Marketplace

Abandoning Ship: History of Captains

U.S. rejects Keystone XL pipeline

Aging out of the foster care system

Checking - In

Joe Oliver on the Northern Gateway pipeline

Cruise Ship Evacuation Safety

SuperPACs and Campaign Spending

Same-Sex Marriage Laws in Canada

Has Shaken Baby Syndrome been overblown?

The Obamas biography: Jodi Kantor

Absent Aboriginal Fathers

Absent Aboriginal Fathers (cont'd)

Prospector Shawn Ryan on Yukon Mining

Judge Barry Stuart on Bill C-10

The Fatherless African-American Family

Yukon Mining Game Changer, Shawn Ryan

The Current in Whitehorse - Day 1

Alberta - B.C. Gateway

A Covert War with Iran

Ecstasy Harm Reduction Debate

Thursday's Check In

Floating West Coast Tsunami Debris

2012: The Year of Labour Unrest

Mind Reading Technology

Citizen journalism in Syria

Changing Federalism

Adult Virginity

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