Premier Greg Selinger

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The swollen waters of the Assiniboine are alternately full of fury and quietly, menacingly rising up through farm land and communities across a wide swath of this province. And with the water comes the emotion - some communities feel sacrificed, others feel ignored. And even nature gets political. We speak to the man who is responsible for some tough decisions, Premier Greg Selinger.

Part Three of The Current

Premier Greg Selinger

The man saddled with some of the toughest decisions in this water-logged province is Greg Selinger, the Premier of Manitoba. He was in our Winnipeg studio.

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Lake Manitoba Flooding - Diane Price

As we've just heard from the Premier, it's not just the south of the province that is experiencing flooding. People living in the Interlake region north of Winnipeg are seeing the water rise as well. Eric Olson is a cattle farmer on the north end of Lake Manitoba on a Peninsula called Peonan Point. We heard from him.

Diane Price is the Reeve for the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale. That covers an area on the east side of Lake Manitoba, about two hours north of Winnipeg. She was in Moosehorn.

Last Word - Sandbagging

Over the weekend hundreds of Manitobans volunteered their time to help out with flood relief efforts. Our producer Kristin Nelson caught up with a few of them at a sand bagging centre near Portage La Prairie. We ended the program with the sound of that today.

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