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#14: Nigel Rusted

Dr. Nigel Rusted
Dr. Nigel Rusted

NAME: Dr. Nigel Rusted
AGE: 103
ABOUT NIGEL: Harry McQueen is 101 years old. He lives in Toronto and will be heading to the polls today to vote for a new Mayor. He has cast a ballot in every municipal election since the late 1920s. Our producer, Vanessa Greco caught up with him at his home to talk politics.


At last count, there were more than 6,000 Canadians over the age of 100. Centenarians represent a growing demographic in Canada, but we don't hear their voices very often — they aren't quoted in news stories, sought after for their opinions, or included in debates.

CBC Radio's The Current wants to change that. The goal: by the end of this season, CBC will have the voices of 100 Canadians aged 100 or older on the record, on air, and on this website.

If you know a centenarian, let us know — maybe it's your mother or your father, your aunt, a friend, if you work in a nursing home maybe it's the woman on the second floor or the man who volunteers every week at the library. If they have a story to tell or an opinion to share, we'd like to hear about it.

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