Oct 25/10 - Pt 2: Baby Bump

Cheap daycare, generous parental leave ... The Quebec Government is pulling out all the stops to get more women to have more babies and to get them to go back to work after they do. It's working. But it's costing Billions of dollars. And some say it's unsustainable.


Baby Bump

The Quebec Government is pulling out all the stops for parents these days. If you're a working couple with two children in Ottawa, you'll probably pay 80 to 100 dollars-a-day for childcare. Across the river in Gatineau, Quebec ... you'd pay 14-dollars-a-day. You'd get better parental leave too. There's even a special leave just for Dads. And as of last month, if you're infertile, the Quebec Government will cover the cost of In Vitro Fertilization.

The Quebec Government has spent 13 years overhauling its Family Policy. The goal has been to boost two demographics ... new births and working women. As part of our project Shift, our Quebec Producer Susan McKenzie decided to take a look at whether the program has worked and whether it's sustainable. We aired her documentary, Baby Bump.

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