Oct 25/10 - Pt 1: Omar Khadr Deal

Omar Khadr - the Canadian accused of killing a U.S. medic when he was 15 and fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan - was back in court this morning in Guantanamo Bay this morning. And with that, confirmation of what had been speculated for days: he has pleaded guilty to five criminal charges, including murder. We have the latest on Omar Khadr's on-going legal saga.

Today's guest host was Ian Hanomansing.


It's Monday, October 25th.

WikiLeaks has released hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. Government documents about the Iraq War.

Currently, spoiler alert.... Still no weapons of mass destruction.

This is The Current.

Omar Khadr Deal - Derek Stoffel (*Updated Audio)

After eight years of accusations, legal precedents and international political intrigue, Omar Khadr has pleaded guilty to all five charges against him. And his lawyers have finally struck a deal with American military prosecutors. The CBC's Derek Stoffel joined us from outside the hearing room with the latest on this story.

Omar Khadr Deal - David Glazier/Michael Newton

David Glazier has been listening to Derek Stoffel and he's also been watching Omar Khadr's progress through the military justice system with interest. He's a 20-year veteran of the United States Navy and he now teaches at law at Loyola University in Los Angeles. And Michael Newton is a professor of the practice of law at Vanderbilt University law school in Nashville.

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