Oct 19/10 - Pt 3: The Value of a Lake

A fight over a proposed mining development in Central British Columbia is pitting economic gain against ecological sustainability. And the fate of about 85,000 trout is hanging in the balance.


The Value of a Lake

In Central British Columbia, a fight over a lake is turning into a clash of values. On one side, are the supporters of a proposed new mining project ... a project called Prosperity Mine that would involve draining Fish Lake to get at the copper and gold deposits lying underneath it.

On the other side, are the local First Nations, as well as scientists and environmentalists who say the lake is too beautiful and too important to the local eco-system to drain. The project's supporters say it would lift the area out of its economic slump. Its opponents say it would come at the expense of much more.

The Current's Chris Wodskou has been looking into the story and he joined Anna Maria in studio to tell us more.

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